What We Do

The Sri Saradha Devi Illam in Rawang has a mission to provide socio-economic assistance to the underprivileged children. In pursuit of this goal, we primarily focus on education and religion with the belief that education and religion will be the critical requisite for socio-economic change. The home provides access to:-

• Education
• Health care
• Religious teachings
• Motivational development
• Spiritual awakening Classes
• Yoga Activities

In order to achieve our mission, we have developed programs that are considered as a means for us to achieve the objectives.

i. Big Brother Big Sister Program
Transform lives by engaging and mentoring children. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister, contribute towards a child’s development and take home fulfilling memories.

ii. Sponsor a Child
This program provides for an underprivileged child's living expenses, including education. This initiative offers you an opportunity to develop a one-to-one relationship with a child.

iii. Sponsor a Meal
Sponsor a day’s meal for children on special occasions by donating RM 300 – RM 400 depending on the menu of your choice.

iv. Sponsor Education
As a sponsor, you will be closely involved with the child’s development. You will receive a profile of the child along with a photograph. You will correspond and meet the child. Also, you will get regular updates on the progress of the child, including his/her education in school and during tuition classes.

v. Be a volunteer
Volunteering at the children's home is a very popular program with volunteers. Participants forge close bonds with children whose disposition and attitude belie their difficult circumstances. The types of volunteering projects/programs you could be involved will include: 

*Teaching English
*Child Development Programs
*Fundraising Activities
*Medical Volunteering
*Community Development
*Teaching Art & Craft
*Teaching Dance & drama
*Teaching Computer
*Teaching flower decoration/cooking & baking or other skill base activities